Breast cancer disability insurance claim length average dropped by 2 weeks

Breast Cancer Disability Insurance - pink ribbon

Survivors are heading back to work notably sooner than had previously been recorded. Claims on breast cancer disability insurance have been a top cause of this type of coverage for more than a decade. However, the length of those claims has been getting shorter. In fact, survivors have shortened their time off work by an average of about two weeks. In 2019, the average length of a short-term breast cancer disability insurance claim was 64 days. In 2010, that figure was 78 days. This shows a meaningful change in trends…

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Insurance company releases support guide for all Americans with breast cancer

Allstate is working with Hollye Jacobs, who is a survivor as well as the author of “The Silver Lining”. The Allstate insurance company has announced that it will now be working with Hollye Jacobs, the bestselling author of “The Silver Lining” and a breast cancer survivor, in order to offer everyone in the United States who has been diagnosed with the disease a support guide. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the insurer will be offering “The Silver Lining Companion Guide. Everyone in the country who has received a…

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