Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC joins insurance commissioner to build rural fire houses

Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC - Fire truck in fire station

Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey worked with the insurer to pay for the building construction. Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC and the state’s insurance commissioner, Mike Causey, joined together to help fund the construction of rural fire house in the state. The commissioner is seeking to improve the rural fire department quality as a whole. Causey has taken on the project to help the state’s rural fire departments to return to better health. Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC joined him in helping to finance the effort, and he has…

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103K Minnesota health insurance customers need new coverage for 2017

Minnesota Health Insurance Trump Administration Lawsuit

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota is stepping out of the state’s insurance exchange next year. Over 103,000 Minnesota health insurance customers are losing their coverage at the end of this year. This means that they will need to find a new health plan to protect them against medical expenses in 2017. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota has announced its departure from the state’s insurance exchange. It is for that reason that so many individuals and families will need to scramble for new coverage in 2017. The…

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Health insurance provider Blue Cross Blue Shield may face fines in North Carolina

Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance

North Carolina Department of Insurance may issue fines against Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Cross Blue Shield may be facing significant fines in North Carolina due to “unprecedented administrative failures,” according to the state’s Insurance Commissioner, Wayne Goodwin. The Commissioner intends to levy the maximum permissible fines against the health insurance provider as the insurers goes into its third month of enrollment and billing issues. The North Carolina Department of Insurance claims that it has received more than 8,700 calls and 1,900 formal complaints concerning Blue Cross Blue Shield this…

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New Mexico gives residents a nudge for health insurance

Capital Building Santa Fe New Mexico health insurance

As the deadline rapidly approaches, the state has been reminding residents that they should act quickly. New Mexico has been reminding people who have not yet purchased their health insurance that they should head to the state exchange if they want to be sure they’ve bought their coverage in time for the first deadline on December 15. For people who want their coverage to start on January 1, 2016, they need to buy a health plan by Tuesday. The final deadline for the open enrollment period is going to be…

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Privacy breach may have some impact on the insurance industry in Illinois

Illinois Insurance industry

State agency announces privacy breach, revealing Social Security Numbers of health care providers The Illinois Department of Insurance has announced that it has mistakenly allowed the Social Security Numbers of health care providers to be publicly posted. The number of health care providers affected by this privacy breach has not yet been disclosed, but the event may have some impact on the insurance industry. State officials recently learned of the privacy breach after receiving complaints. It is unclear how long the Social Security Numbers of health care professionals were visible…

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Health insurance company to put its individual PPO plans to rest

Texas health Insurance companies

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas will begin phasing out its PPO coverage Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas has announced that it will be phasing out its PPO coverage for individuals. The health insurance providers is doing so because it believes that offering this coverage is no longer financial sustainable. Those with PPO coverage from the insurer will have to switch to HMO plans as a result. Notably, the company’s PPO plans will continue to be offered to employers and group PPO plans will still be available. Cost of…

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Health insurance for married same sex couples now offered by Blue Cross

Same Sex Couples health insurance

The largest insurer in Alabama is now required to comply with a federal rule to treat all married couples equally. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, the largest health insurance company in the state, is now offering spousal coverage to same sex couples that are legally married, so that the insurer will comply with a federal regulation that states that all married couples must be treated equally regardless of their sexual orientation. A spokesperson for the insurance company said that the same sex spousal coverage started being offered this year.…

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