Bank deposit insurance draft rules launched in China

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The anticipated regulations for the upcoming system in the country has now been released in its draft form. China has now created the draft regulations for the introduction of a system of bank deposit insurance coverage for the very first time within that country, in one step among many that could be very meaningful in terms of liberalizing its interest rates and to give its financial institutions the ability to compete commercially for customers. The launch of these draft rules for the insurance program arrived shortly after it was revealed…

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Bank deposit insurance has nearly arrived in China

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The country is close to launching the coverage that could open up free competition by banks for customers. China is drawing ever closer to the launch of a bank deposit insurance system that has long been anticipated but that has yet to have been accomplished, and that could completely overhaul that country’s financial sector. This change could hike the risk level in the banking sector and could make it possible for immense future opportunities. By introducing a system of bank deposit insurance, it could mean that there may one day…

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Deposit insurance extension requested from Congress by banks

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The lobby was made out of fear of a withdrawal of billions of dollars by businesses. Banks are urging Congress to extend the special U.S. deposit insurance at the end of 2012 instead of allowing it to expire, out of growing concerns that companies will begin withdrawing billions of dollars. The Transaction Account Guarantee (TAG) program is the center point of this issue. This is the form of deposit insurance that protects all credits into bank checking accounts above the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp’s $250,000 in coverage. The main benefit…

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