Auto insurance fraud falling in Massachusetts

Auto insurance fraud

Auto insurance fraud meets aggressive action in Massachusetts Auto insurance fraud has been a growing problem in Massachusetts. This problem began receiving significant attention from state lawmakers more than a decade ago when a staged accident caused resulted in the death of a state resident. A new report from the Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts and the Automobile Insurers Bureau of Massachusetts highlights the progress that the state has made in its ongoing fight against auto insurance fraud. The report suggests that the state’s continuous efforts have saved consumers from…

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Personal injury fraud is costing us all!

Lawmakers will be focusing on ways to control auto insurance prices; mainly, by reducing the amount of scams and civil lawsuits associated with bogus personal injury claims. Staged accidents are costing law enforcement, insurance companies and private tax payers millions of dollars a year. In most states, insurance fraud is a (2nd degree) felony, with a minimum, mandatory two year prison term if convicted. In some states, like Florida, organized crime rings committing auto related accidents have gotten so out of control, the insurance industry has developed special investigation units.…

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