Auto insurance rates in Ontario to drop by 15%

Car insurance market

New legislation will cut the average cost of auto insurance coverage in Ontario, Canada A new law has been passed in Ontario, Canada, that may be good news for drivers throughout the province. The Ontario Legislature has approved a bill that will cut auto insurance rates by an average of 15%. The legislation is expected to go into effect in August 2015 and lawmakers believe that it will help mitigate insurance fraud, thereby lowering the financial pressure on insurance companies offering coverage in the province. Legislation aims to address issues…

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Auto insurance prices rise during the winter months

Massachusetts Auto Insurance

A yearlong study has revealed that drivers in Massachusetts who purchase coverage when it’s cold pay more. According to the results of a study that has been conducted for a complete year, drivers purchasing auto insurance during the winter months in Massachusetts are more likely to pay elevated prices than they would if they bought their policies in the middle of summer. Motorists could spend as much as 20 percent more if purchasing their vehicle policies in March. Prices were also shown to spike for auto insurance coverage in January…

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Auto insurance in cities could change with car ban

The industry is now starting to consider the impact of future legislation with the intent of going green. When it comes to the majority of cities, traffic jams – particularly at rush hours – are generally accepted as a part of the urban experience, but this could change dramatically, as could the state of auto insurance, if a number of cities around the world that are considering a future ban on automobiles within those areas actually go through with the concept. Even some of the countries that are most associated…

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Usage based insurance is already going mainstream

usage based insurance

This type of auto policy has started to become one of the standard offerings of many insurers. Though the potential benefits of usage based insurance have been clear for some time, this new technology based version of auto coverage has always represented an extremely small percentage of the offerings from insurers. This trend is starting to change as the tech is picked up by a growing number of insurers. Moreover, as more auto insurance companies offer these products in a larger number of locations, consumers are also finding the chance…

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The top answers that will enlighten the insurance industry in 2012

As 2011 comes to a close, insurance companies are already beginning to ask questions about technology and regulation trends, as well as other important considerations. Though they won’t have their answers before this year is finished, there are already some predictions being made about what will be learned in the upcoming year. After all, a large number of changes are occurring in the industry, such as the wave of new mobile commerce technology that is now becoming much more mainstream, where it had only been considered “emerging” until now. Among…

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