Regulators decline Wells Fargo’s strategy to repay insurance customers

Repayment of insurance customers stopped - Stop Sign

American regulators have rejected the bank’s repayment plan to borrowers who were unfairly sold coverage. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (O.C.C.) has rejected Wells Fargo’s plan to repay its insurance customers. Those borrowers were overcharged by the bank when they were sold unnecessary auto insurance. The O.C.C. has not yet implemented a deadline by which a plan must be approved. That said, Wells Fargo is unable to complete the effort of compensating its affected customers until it receives the regulator’s nod. Regulators told Wells Fargo it must…

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Wells Fargo auto insurance forced on borrowers who didn’t need it

Wells Fargo insurance scandal

The bank charged customers for unnecessary coverage, leading to 25,000 wrongful vehicle repossessions. A new report determined Wells Fargo auto insurance was forcibly sold to customers who did not require this coverage. As a result of the bank’s activity, there were approximately 25,000 wrongful vehicle repossessions. Over 800,000 people who took out Wells Fargo car loans were charged for unnecessary insurance. The added expense of the unnecessary Wells Fargo auto insurance was too much for some borrowers, whose vehicles were wrongfully repossessed. The report showed that among 800,000 of the…

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NYPD caught burning vehicles for fraudulent insurance claims

life insurance scam

The police officer was busted by federal investigators who caught him torching two cars and a Range Rover. Fraudulent insurance claims were the center of a scheme implemented by an NYPD officer. He was caught after having burned a Range Rover in addition to two of his other vehicles. By the time feds caught him, GEICO had already issued at least $34,000 in reimbursement payments. Carlos Becker promised two men money in exchange for their assistance in crashing and burning his Range Rover. That was back in September 2012. The…

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Massive insurance fraud scam involves 33 people crashing cars

auto insurance fraud accident

In Santa Clara County auto insurers were scammed by a huge number of their policyholders. According to the Office of the District Attorney in Santa Clara County, there were 33 people involved in a tremendous insurance fraud scam, as they deliberately crashed older cars into each other in order to be able to file claims. The insurance companies were the victims of an alleged scam that had them paying for the deliberate crashes. The majority of the defendants were from San Jose. Each of them has now been charged with…

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Auto insurance fraud receives more attention from state agency

Auto Insurance Fraud

Insurance Department begins to increase its efforts to combat insurance fraud throughout California The California Department of Insurance has begun to focus more heavily on fighting auto insurance fraud in the Los Angeles area. The agency has been working to track down and eliminate fraud in this area for some time, but has only found modest success. Those participating in fraud have, thus far, managed to find ways to sidestep regulations and continue exploiting consumers and insurance companies alike. Recently, the agency has found more success in its fight against…

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Auto insurance lies are common among parents

Young Driver auto usage based Insurance

One in six are fudging the truth to help their kids to obtain coverage According to the results of new research thousands of parents are committing auto insurance fraud by pretending that they are the primary driver of a vehicle that is actually being used mainly by their student daughter or son. Up to one in every six young drivers are saving money on their coverage through dishonesty. The study was conducted by a website called It found that up to 16 percent of younger drivers are reducing the…

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Auto insurance scam popping up throughout UK

auto insurance flash and crash fraud

Drivers are being cautioned about a new kind of fraud called “Flash and Crash” by the industry. Auto insurance industry officials in the United Kingdom are cautioning motorists regarding a new type of scam that has developed and that is becoming more widespread in the country, called “flash and crash”. The scam involves tricking drivers into thinking that a good Samaritan is helping them out. The way that the auto insurance scam functions is that the fraudsters wait for victims to start to drive out of parking lots, gas stations,…

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