California insurance group battling rates under attack

California Insurance News

Consumer Watchdog has been facing criticisms regarding its latest steps. A consumer group that has backed a recent California insurance initiative and has saved residents of the state from millions of dollars in fees is now facing a new wave of fire from both Democratic and Republican lawmakers and political consultants. Critics have pointed out that Consumer Watchdog has been profiting from the new regulation. Moreover, it has also found that the special California insurance regulation is, essentially, dominated by the advocacy group. The consultants are arguing that the organization…

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California insurance Prop 33 has been rejected by judge

Newly proposed crash tax spreading throughout the U.S.

The ruling was laid down in the Sacramento Superior Court. Judge Timothy Frawley from the Sacramento Superior Court has rejected in full arguments in a California insurance industry lawsuit that was filed in support of Proposition 33, upholding the Ballot Label of the Attorney General, which states that it “changes law to allow auto insurance companies to set prices based on a driver’s history of insurance coverage.” All of the consumer advocate pamphlet statements that had been made against Prop 33 were also upheld. Among those upheld by Frawly included…

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