Auto insurance takes many non-driving factors into account when calculating premiums

usage based insurance auto

Rates are determined by many things, not all of which occur behind the wheel. Auto insurance companies take many different factors into account when they calculate the premiums that will be paid every month by their policyholders, but not all of them have to do with driving. There are many additional elements such as occupation, education, and ZIP codes that can also be included. A consumer group is now taking action against some of these behaviors by asking New York insurance commissioners to limit the ability of insures to apply…

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The difference your zip code is making to your auto insurance rates

California auto insurance

Some motorists are paying more just because of where they live Though most drivers know that the type of vehicle they drive and the marks on their driving record will have an impact on the premiums they pay for auto insurance, what they may not realize is that their zip code also plays an important role in that calculation. Proposition 103 states that California insurers need to downplay the weight of the zip in calculating premiums. It has been in place for decades, and while driving experience must be weighted…

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