Auto insurance laws in Minnesota change for 2016

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Drivers should be aware of the new requirements and make sure to have their proof of coverage handy. For anyone in Minnesota who is getting set to purchase a new car, is purchasing a new auto insurance policy or who is renewing a policy will need to be ready to comply with the new laws. Part of those new regulations involve having to provide proof of insurance information at certain times. For instance, for residents of the state who are looking to renew their license tabs on an existing vehicle,…

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New Yorkers can now prove they have auto insurance with their smartphones

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Another state has now joined the growing number across the country allowing for electronic proof formats. According to a recent announcement from a spokesperson from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, the state has now implemented a regulation that will make it possible for drivers to be able to show their proof of auto insurance either in the traditional way with a paper card, or in an electronic format that can be displayed on mobile device screens. The new proof of insurance regulation has actually been in effect…

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Smartphones insurance trends are spreading across the country

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New Jersey has just become the latest among many states to approve electronic proof of coverage. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has recently signed A-3905/S-2680 into law, allowing the state to join into one of the fastest growing insurance trends in which consumers will be allowed to display a proof of their coverage over a mobile device screen in addition to the traditional paper format. This provides only one more reason that the smartphone has become a more central part of the lives of the average American. It will now…

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Lawmakers approve revisions to Michigan’s auto insurance laws

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Revisions to insurance laws have been approved by the state’s Senate Lawmakers in Michigan have moved to address issues concerning the state’s auto insurance laws. The state’s Senate has approved revisions to insurance laws that are meant to curb costs associated with medical care for those that have been injured in crashes. These revisions are not entirely popular within the Senate, with opponents suggesting that these revisions could be a detriment to those that need medical care as the result of severe injuries caused by a car crash. Auto insurance…

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North Carolina auto insurance tax will contribute to roadway maintenance

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Higher taxes for gasoline and a range of other fees will help to keep the highways in the state paved. North Carolina has had to come up with a new plan to pay for the construction and maintenance of highways in the state, and it has now rolled out a plan that will use taxes on gasoline and auto insurance as well as increased vehicle fees in order to help to ensure that the funds that are needed will be available. The reason that the additional revenue streams are required…

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No-fault auto insurance changes move rapidly through Michigan Senate

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The Republican-led Senate has passed legislation that would alter the laws in the state quite dramatically. After having made a series of adjustments in the last moment, the Republican-led Michigan Senate has made some changes to the no-fault auto insurance law in the state which has caused massive controversy over the last few years. The final vote on Senate Bill 248 that aimed to make these changes to the current system was 21 to 17. The changes to the laws surrounding the no-fault auto insurance system have arrived following a…

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Lack of auto insurance can now be detected through license plates

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Police in Michigan can now run the plates of a vehicle to determine whether or not it is insured. Drivers on the streets of Michigan now have more incentive to ensure that they obtain the legally required auto insurance for their vehicles, as police have just been armed with a new and much easier way to identify uninsured motorists. Simply by running a vehicle’s plates, police are able to know whether or not there is an insurance policy present. The technology will become available to police officers in mid-September and…

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