Auto insurance can be cheaper for vehicles with low mileage

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Discounts are available for cars that aren’t driven very far every year. When buying auto insurance or renewing a policy for a vehicle that has low mileage, it is important to discuss this trait with the agent or company representative as discounts may be available. Many policyholders miss this opportunity for significant savings every month. It is important to note that not all auto insurance companies offer this opportunity. That said, many do have discounts for low mileage cars, so owners of these vehicles are being advised to speak with…

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Car insurance savings opportunities that are most commonly missed

Auto Insurance

There are many chances to save on premiums, but many are often overlooked. As the price of gas skyrockets, many people are looking for chances to save on car insurance and other elements of vehicle ownership, in order to lower the cost of driving. However, there are many discounts that could be received, but are frequently missed. Most agents recommend that you go over your policy at least once per year in order to make sure that you aren’t missing out on a number of discounts that could bring you…

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Auto insurance truths for young men

car insurance for men

Finding out what options are available to new male drivers for saving money. If there’s anyone who knows about high auto insurance premiums, it’s young guys who are single and who have moved away from their parents. These individuals typically pay the highest prices and are most eager to find discounts where they can. When a man first gets his license, though he has gained a great deal of freedom through the ability to drive on his own, he also faces significant limitations in terms of his opportunities to do…

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State Farm and Ford work together to offer auto insurance discounts through usage based policies

Usage based auto insurance

The SYNC in-car connectivity system could save drivers up to 40 percent per year. Drivers with vehicles equipped with Ford SYNC may be able to save up to 40 percent through the State Farm Drive Save & Save auto insurance discounts program, depending on how far they drive every year. The savings is based on the vehicle’s odometer reading every year. The reading is reported onto the Vehicle Health Report when it is used by the driver. This is one of the SYNC standard features that is available on Fort…

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Could Green Vehicles Reduce Your Insurance Bill?

Green Insurance

The obvious incentive to encourage green car adoption in recent years has obviously been potential fuel savings. This has become an increasingly attractive feature to motorists at a time when fuel prices are continuing to rocket. However, it now appears that green cars could also bring an insurance saving as well, with price comparison website MoneySupermarket claiming that many insurers will offer a discount of up to 5% off the total price of annual premiums to anyone who is looking for cover on a vehicle deemed to be environmentally friendly.…

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Mercury’s controversial Prop 17 finds its way back to the Californian ballot

Mercury Insurance’s controversial Proposition 17 has been resurrected and made its way to California’s November ballot. The proposition received funding from George Joseph, the billionaire chairman of the insurance company. The money was enough to bring the proposition back to life after it had been struck down by voters in 2010. Now, voters will have another opportunity to weigh in on the proposition, but there may be no guarantee that their efforts will put an end to the insurer’s plans for good. The proposition aims to make changes to Proposition…

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Growing popularity of auto insurance telematics programs provide more discount opportunities

Online Auto Insurance (OAI) has been encouraging customer awareness over a broader array of opportunities to find discounts on their coverage through motorist behaviors such as safe driving and low mileage, following a number of recent reports that are showing that insurers are likely to begin significant investments into technology that will record and transmit information about the driving behaviors of policyholders. A growing number of insurance companies have already been offering programs on an optional basis that allows motorists to install an electronic device into their vehicle that will…

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