7 Steps To Filing An Auto Insurance Claim

While a car accident can occur in the blink of an eye, the aftermath of the incident can linger for weeks, months, or even years. After an accident, you may be left with vehicle damage, medical expenses, and other costs. Particularly if you’re able to prove auto negligence or the other party is at fault, you may be able to get compensation for these expenses; but to do so, you’ll need to see the insurance claims process through to completion. Submitting an insurance claim after a traumatic accident can be…

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Auto insurance data spat could lead...

SeaWorld parking lot flooding leaves guests with auto insurance nightmare

SeaWorld Parking Lot - Orca jumping at SeaWorld

Last month, a number of guests experienced flooded cars from a sudden Orlando downpour. A number of unlucky park guests returned to the SeaWorld parking lot after their visit in July only to find that they had an auto insurance struggle on their hands. Part of the lot had flooded, damaging their cars and the contents of those vehicles. Only now are they discovering what insurers will provide. The vehicle owners have been informed that they need substantial evidence to prove the cause of the damage. The vehicle owners who…

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Man attempts auto insurance fraud an hour after crashing his car

auto insurance fraud - Car Crash

An uninsured California man attempted to purchase a policy an hour after having an accident. A man from California is on his way to prison after having committed auto insurance fraud an hour after a crash. The man has been convicted and will spend 11 years in jail, according to an Insurance Business Magazine report. The man was uninsured at the time of the crash but attempted to buy a policy an hour later. According to prosecutors on the case, the man had an accident in his car, then bought…

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Auto insurance premiums skyrocket after a claim

Ohio insurance auto premiums

Ohio drivers only need to make one claim to watch the amount that they pay rise by 35 percent. According to the results of a recent report, after filing only one claim on a policy, a driver in Ohio can expect to see his or her auto insurance premiums jump by an average of 35 percent. This increase in the monthly bill is the 16th highest that was measured among the states. The auto insurance premiums report was issued by Bankrate.com, the parent of InsuranceQuotes.com, which conducted it in the…

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Auto insurance payout of nearly £1 million for Rowan Atkinson crash

Rowan atkinson luxury auto insurance

The accident involved a McLaren F1, the beloved luxury vehicle of the well known British actor. Rowan Atkinson, the actor best known for his portrayal of the Mr. Bean character, has received an auto insurance payment of £910,000 in order to have his beloved luxury vehicle repaired following a massive accident. The crash initially took place in 2011, at which time the actor suffered a shoulder injury. The auto insurance payout currently represents the largest repair bill that has ever been tallied in the United Kingdom. The accident, itself, was…

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Pennsylvania Turnpike claims will exceed the trucking company’s $1 million coverage

According to court records, there have been approximately 900 claims made since November, when a segment of the Pennsylvania Turnpike was covered in liquid asphalt when thousands of gallons of the thick, sticky substance leaked out of a truck. That same filing also showed that the coverage from the insurance policy held by the trucking company responsible for the mess will likely not be enough to pay for all of those claims. The primary insurer for MTS Transport, Travelers Insurance, stated that the 40 mile-long spill has said that the…

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Will your auto insurance protect you from the damage of molten tar on the roadway?

Just before Thanksgiving, there was an incident involving a tanker truck that leaked molten tar all over a busy roadway, leaving over 150 cars stuck in the sticky substance, unable to move. Even those that were towed from the area were often disabled by the hardening substance on the tires, wheels, wheel wells, and fenders. In this case, the Turnpike Commission was contacted by over 130 drivers in order to make a report of damage to their vehicles. The truck operator’s insurance company, Travelers Insurance, handled the claims that were…

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