Health insurance premiums are on the rise in Australia

Australia health Insurance

Large insurers are raising rates by a significant margin Several of Australia’s largest health insurance providers, including Medibank Private Limited and NIB, will be increasing premiums in the coming days. These insurers have been raising premiums annually for the past few years, which has placed many consumers under greater financial pressure. Some of the country’s insurers have also been accused of offering “junk” policies, which offer consumers very limited coverage. With higher premiums and the abundance of these junk policies, many consumers may opt to go without health insurance coverage…

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Insurance news from Australia shows surprising spending of disaster payouts

insurance news

Many victims are using their funds to help to pay their vet bills for pet care. A recent insurance news report has shown that the disaster emergency fund payments are being spent in ways that were not expected, as data indicates that thousands of policyholders are spending half of the money they collect on veterinary bills. The statistics were collected through cumulative figures generated by emergency fund debit card use. In order to help disaster victims as quickly as possible, the insurance news reported, insurers have been issuing debit cards…

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Insurance news from Australia shows growing fire damage

insurance industry news bush fire

Warnings have been issued as the flames from the wildfires continue to spread in Tasmania. The latest insurance news from Australia is that the insurers in the country are now issuing warnings to businesses and homeowners in order to be vigilant with their coverage as the wildfires continue to rage their way throughout the island state. The heat wave conditions continue to sizzle throughout the region, giving no respite from the fires. Rob Whelan, the chief executive of the Insurance Council of Australia, has stated that the continuing stream of…

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Queensland residents prepare for major insurance rate hikes nearly one year after catastrophic floods

The Australian government has announced that meeting its own recommendations for disaster insurance in the wake of the floods in Queensland early last year. The floods that hit the region last year cost thousands of people their homes and put an end to several businesses. There are still scores of people struggling to rebuild, nearly a year after the catastrophe. When flood waters came in, the nation’s insurers were quickly overwhelmed in terms of claims and insured losses. The government had to step in, but it too struggled to mitigate…

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Australia gives Obama the unique gift of crocodile attack insurance

President Obama’s visit to Australia’s Northern Territory involved the receipt of a unique gift, as the American head of state was given an insurance policy against an attack by a crocodile. The Northern Territory’s chief minister, Paul Henderson, announced that the American president would receive a government insurance policy that would pay up to $50,000 (AUD) should he be the victim of a crocodile attack. Henderson stated that the president would be receiving total coverage against the unlikely event that there should be a crocodile attack during his stay in…

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