AT&T to sell smartphone insurance for broken phone screens

smartphone insurance

This coverage will be available for owners of any of eight models of mobile devices. AT&T has announced that it will be selling smartphone insurance to cover a limited number of device models. This policy is designed to be somewhat different than the standard cell phone coverage. The broken phone screen insurance from AT&T will let customers obtain same day repairs. Overall, the smartphone insurance from AT&T sounds like the traditional form of coverage. Should the mobile device screen break, the company – and its insurance provider, Asurion – will…

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Do you need to insure your mobile phone?

AT&T has announced that it will be offering a decrease in its insurance rates for iPhones, beginning at the end of August 2011, leading many people to wonder whether they require this additional coverage. Though it sounds appealing to customers to protect their mobile devices – especially at a reduced rate – consumer advocates are warning people that even with lower rates, cellular phone insurance may not be necessary. AT&T has been offering standard cell phone coverage for iPhone devices as of July 17, 2011, through the insurer called Asurion,…

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