UFC athlete insurance sky high for debut event in NYC

Madison Square Garden New York City athlete insurance

The organization spent millions to make MMA legal within the state and will now face high premiums. The UFC won its lobby to legalize mixed martial arts in New York but athlete insurance in the state is proving to be costly. It has already spent millions of dollars just to be able to hold events in New York. Now that it is facing its debut event in NYC, the state’s unique coverage regulations are driving up costsw. The state requires $1 million in traumatic brain injury insurance coverage for each…

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Disability insurance is lacking among most NFL players

football players and disability insurance premiums

The majority of these athletes don’t purchase these policies, despite the risks they face. According to data released by underwriters, the vast majority of players for the National Football League (NFL), don’t actually purchase disability insurance, even though they run a considerable risk of sustaining an injury at some point throughout their career in professional football. While some players don’t want to have to pay for the coverage, others won’t buy for other reasons. The fact does remain that there are many players who don’t want to actually have to…

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Nebraska insurance firm files lawsuit against Lance Armstrong

Nebraska insurance company sues Lance Armstrong

The insurer has now sued the cyclist for collecting performance bonuses worth $3 million by cheating. Lance Armstrong isn’t finished seeing the backlash from the discovery that he cheated during his major cycling competitions – such as the Tour de France – as a Nebraska insurance company has now filed a lawsuit against him for wrongful collection of payments. The company alleges that he cheated in order to take in a $3 million performance bonus. This performance bonus was offered by the Nebraska insurance company when Armstrong’s team purchased a…

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