Cyber insurance could lead to growth in the reinsurance industry

Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance continues to gain attention throughout the world Fitch Ratings has released a new report that highlights cyber insurance as a key growth opportunity for the reinsurance industry. Major cyber attacks have been making headlines recently and the insurance industry is becoming subject to a growing portion of these attacks. Recently, health insurers Anthem and Premera Blue Cross were victims of major data breaches that compromised the information of several million consumers. For the reinsurance industry, the digital world could hold some promise, but also significant risks. Report highlights…

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Asian Operations to be Re-Organized, says Aegon

Aegon, a Dutch insurance company, is preparing to re-organize its company’s Asian operations. Since experiencing losses in Asia, they want to address their business in both Asia and Hong Kong to turn losses into growth. These are changes that have been on their horizon for some time, but are now ready to help move their Asia market into the spotlight. To begin the changes for 2011, Aegon has created a CEO position for Asia. Douglas Henck, the newly-hired CEO of Aegon Asia, plans to operate Asian insurance businesses as if…

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