Auto insurance confusion leaves some snowbirds uninsured

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For those who drive south throughout the winter, it’s important to remember state coverage regulations. New information has been released from, a consumer financial info provider, which has revealed that snowbirds who drive to warmer states throughout the winter may not have the auto insurance coverage they need as they move from one region of the country to the next. Every year, there are about a million people who head to Florida and Arizona receives another 300,000. While these snowbirds move from Canada and more northern states using their…

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Auto insurance requirements set to rise in Arizona

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Arizona lawmakers aim to raise the insurance requirements for the states drivers The minimum level of auto insurance coverage is about to rise in Arizona. A new legislation has been introduced that would require drivers to purchase additional coverage and pay higher rates. The legislation seeks to mitigate the risks that exist in the state. The minimum auto insurance level has not been changed for the past 42 years and lawmakers suggest that the current insurance requirements are no longer adequately protecting the state’s residents from accidents and other issues.…

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Arizona fails to pass insurance bill to have uninsured vehicles towed

A bill in Arizona that would allow police to have uninsured vehicles towed and impounded was narrowly defeated, but it did manage to draw attention to the issue in that state and underscore the strict penalties that already exist for drivers who are on the road without coverage. Insurance Research Council data from 2009 estimates that the segment of drivers in Arizona without insurance is about 12 percent, which is just under the country’s average of 13.8 percent. If the proposed bill had passed, it would have given police officers…

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