Health insurance companies find significant potential in Medicaid

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Large insurers are buying out smaller ones that are better prepared to serve the elderly and poor. The largest health insurance companies in the country have been absorbing much smaller ones by the dozen as they prepare for the influx of customers through one of the latest healthcare changes by the government that will allow them to manage the coverage needs for the elderly, poor, and unwell across the country. So far, approximately 15 states are in the midst of creating their programs for this coverage. These states are each…

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Health insurance companies may combine as Aetna makes offer for Coventry

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The American consolidation would be worth $5.6 billion if accepted. Health insurance company, Aetna Inc., has made a $5.6 billion offer to acquire its competitor, Coventry Health Care Inc., in order to boost its share of the most rapidly growing American government-backed Medicaid and Medicare programs. Aetna would gain over 5 million customers if this purchase is completed. This most recent announcement is made right on the heels of another major acquisition, when WellPoint Inc. purchased Amerigroup Corp. in a massive broadening of its Medicaid business. This type of consolidation…

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Amerigroup acquired by WellPoint health insurance

Wellpoint Headquarters in Indianapolis

The purchase will be for a reported $4.5 billion to play a bigger role in the expansion of Medicaid. WellPoint Inc., the health insurance company, has announced that it will be purchasing its rival Amerigroup Corp., for $4.46 billion, in a play to take a bigger part in the Medicaid expansion. This buyout was announced not long after the Supreme Court upheld the healthcare reforms The Affordable Care Act is expected o increase the number of Americans covered by health insurance by an estimated 30 million people. According to a…

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