Where are the safest drivers in the US? Allstate knows

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The insurance company has released a report in which it found the best motorists and worst days of the year. Allstate Insurance has released its “America’s Best Drivers Report” in which it identified the areas with the safest drivers in the country. The report’s insight shows a considerable difference among the habits of motorists in different cities. This information is helpful as the winter weather sets in and greater care is required behind the wheel. The report clearly showed the safest drivers when it comes to winter driving. Snow, wind,…

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Auto insurance prices increasing for third year

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The cost of vehicle coverage will rise by 2.8 percent this year. American drivers are likely to experience yet another increase in their auto insurance rates, for the third year in a row as insurers attempt to increase their profits in a time that interest rates have been held at record lows, and natural disasters have caused costs to skyrocket. The average driver will likely see an increase of 2.8 percent, according to the Insurance Information Institute. This means that consumers who were paying an average of $816 last year…

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