US group makes insurance news in China with new disaster recommendations

China insurance market news

An American business group has started to urge China to boost its coverage and service industry access. At the end of last week, an American business group made insurance news as it started urging China to boost its access to insurers as well as businesses from other service industries, as they claim that the boost of foreign skills could help the country to enhance its shaky stock markets and to be able to better cope with catastrophes such as the recent Tianjin chemical explosions. The group feels it would be…

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Insurance news from China shows it easing access for foreign investment

China Insurance industry news

The country is making it easier for companies from around the world to join the industry. According to an American business group, China has announced its latest insurance news by saying that its restrictions on foreign companies within that industry as well as in delivery and travel will be eased as a part of an effort to turn around the current plummet in foreign investors. Some of these efforts were revealed in talks between the United States and China last May. However, additional details are now being added at this…

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