Global insurance industry will feel “substantial impact” from Russian invasion of Ukraine

Global insurance industry - Globe - fracture

AM Best has released a forecast regarding the effect the invasion is expected to have worldwide. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is expected to have a “substantial impact” on the global insurance industry, according to a forecast by AM Best. The invasion is expected to add to the already existing inflationary pressures economies worldwide are facing. The AM Best rating agency recently announced that the global central banks’ efforts, joined by those of the United States Federal Reserve, for controlling inflation will face additional challenges due to Russia’s invasion of…

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Terrorism insurance program overdependence not recommended by A.M. Best

Terrorism Insurance

The rating agency has said that this tendency could lead to a considerable problem in the United States. A.M. Best, the large rating agency, has provided insurers with a bold recommendation, which is not to build an overreliance on whether or not there is a reauthorization of the terrorism insurance program in the United States. The future of that program remains up in the air and A.M. Best feels that it is wiser not to completely rely on it. The agency feels that insurers should not count on the Terrorism…

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A.M. Best to re-evaluate Florida insurance companies

Florida Homeowners Insurance

Rating revisions due to financial troubles with state’s Cat Fund Florida home insurers could soon be seeing revisions made to their ratings as A.M. Best, one of the largest rating firms in the world, announces that it will be reviewing the state’s insurance companies due to the financial troubles of the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund. The Cat Fund, as it is called, is meant to provide insurance companies with $17 billion in reinsurance coverage each hurricane season. With two consecutive years of powerful natural disasters behind it, the Cat Fund…

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Canadian Solar renews warranty-insurance policy

Green insurance

Product warranty insurance policy renewed through April 1, 2013 Canadian Solar, a leading solar energy company, has announced that it has successfully renewed its product warranty insurance policy. The company introduced this policy in 2010 and became the first in the solar energy industry to offer such coverage. The policy includes a product and performance warranty that is supported by a non-cancellable insurance plan. The insurance policy is underwriting by several leading insurance companies in the U.S. and Europe. The warranty policy was renewed through April 1, 2013. Policy honored…

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A.M. Best report shows strong growth in Vietnamese insurance market

Vietnam insurance market growing despite global economic turmoil A.M. Best, a credit ratings and financial research company service the insurance industry, has released a new report concerning the insurance market in Vietnam. The report notes that the country’s insurance market is showing strong signs of growth. This is despite the ongoing, worldwide economic problems that have stymied the insurance industry in some markets. A.M. Best is reporting that insurance premiums in Vietnam are growing by double-digit margins. The company expects this trend to continue as the country’s economy shows signs…

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A.M. Best report on Saudi Arabia insurance market shows a promising future for the country

A.M. Best, a global ratings and financial services firm that serves the insurance industry, has released a new report concerning the insurance market in Saudi Arabia. Over the past decade, the Saudi Arabian market has been inundated with its fair share of complications. Political turmoil and international pressures have stressed the market significantly in this time, but the market has shown profound resiliency to such factors. The report shows that the market’s ability to adapt to dramatic change has paved the way to a promising future. The report notes that…

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Insurance Law Podcast examines the use of social media as a tool for the insurance industry

A.M. Best, a worldwide ratings and financial data services company serving the global insurance industry, has released its latest installment of the Insurance Law Podcast. The series focuses on insurance issues from a legal perspective and seeks to supply viewers with an understanding of how insurance laws are affecting the industry as a whole. This week’s podcast focused on the issue of insurers using social media to price policies and investigate claims. The latest podcast features attorneys Daniel Santaniello and Heather Calhoon from Luks, Santaniello, Petrillo & Jones law firm.…

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