Allstate files insurance fraud lawsuit against chiropractors

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The suit alleges that three Providence practitioners were involved in a scheme to defraud the insurer. Allstate Insurance Company has filed a lawsuit accusing licensed chiropractors of insurance fraud. The suit specifically points to the owner of a clinic. The owner is accused of falsifying medical records in order to increase the size of the insurance claims. The owner also allegedly paid kickbacks to personal injury lawyers in order to receive client referrals. The insurance fraud lawsuit was filed with the U.S. District Court. Within it, Allstate alleges that Arianna…

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Allstate Insurance Company launching new underwriting platform

Allstate Insurance Company

The insurer announced the implementation of the platform featuring automated data integration. Allstate Insurance Company has announced its intentions to implement the UnderwritingCenter platform. The platform was created by Myriad Development. The goal is to improve automated data integration while enhancing the quality of risk evaluation. UnderwritingCenter allows Allstate to automate its underwriting decision making processes. At the same time, Allstate Insurance Company can use the underwriting platform to integrate third party data and virtual surveys into the mix. In this way, the insurer hopes to produce greater accuracy in…

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Allstate Insurance Company to receive over $6 million in case against S. Florida Clinics

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More than ten years of legal battles has finally led the insurer to receive several judgments in its favor. The Allstate Insurance Company has been battling its way through court cases for more than ten years and has now received several judgments within the 15th Judicial Circuit Court in Palm Beach County, which were against several health care clinics. The Insurance company claimed the clinics had been engaging in unlawful and fraudulent practices. These judgments were made in favor of Allstate Insurance on behalf of the policyholders in litigation that…

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Allstate Insurance has launched its “Out Holding Hands” campaign

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This LGBT outreach initiative is at the core of their support of LGBT Pride Month and the awareness it brings. Allstate Insurance has joined up with musician Eli Lieb in supporting the LGBT community as a part of their celebration of LGBT Pride Month in their annual campaign called “Out Holding Hands.” This year marks the third year of the “Out Holding Hands” initiative, which encourages love and friendship. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage the spread of friendship and love with the LGBT community as well as…

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Allstate Foundation survey shows financial disconnects between parents and teens

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Important personal money management topics such as paying for college are also not discussed as much with girls as boys. A survey conducted by Junior Achievement USA in partnership with The Allstate Foundation has shown that there is not only a disconnect between teens and their parents when it comes to certain important finance topics such as paying for college, but that these topics are discussed more with boys than girls. The research revealed that girls don’t envision themselves with as much earning potential as their parents. These results came…

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