New Allstate app to help good drivers save more on auto insurance premiums

Allstate app - Man using mobile phone

The insurer is testing a new app-based program to monitor motorist behaviors for weekly savings opportunities. A new Allstate app has entered into the testing process with the goal of allowing good drivers to prove how safe they are behind the wheel in exchange for savings. The program monitors a number of habits such as speeding and braking hard. The idea expands on existing usage-based insurance strategies including those already offered by the insurer. The goal is to make it possible for good drivers to demonstrate that they are a…

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Allstate Insurance survey finds drivers’ greatest fear

Allstate insurance technology

According to a survey of motorists, they are most afraid of having their car break down and having to wait for help. The roadside services program from Allstate Insurance recently conducted a survey of drivers and found that their greatest fear is to experience a breakdown that causes them to have to wait at the side of the road for help to arrive. Being stranded in an unfamiliar area causes the highest amount of anxiety among drivers. The Allstate Roadside Services research determined that among the motorists who participated in…

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Allstate insurance ranks American cities for most and least likely to have an auto accident

Allstate Insurance has released its annual ranking of the best and the worst cities for traffic accidents… with Washington D.C. ranking as the city with the greatest likelihood of collisions, and Fort Collins, Colorado holding the distinction of having the lowest odds of a crash. In order to rank the cities, the insurer compared the frequency of auto collisions with the population of the city. This provided Allstate with the average driver’s odds of being in an accident. They also compared that likelihood with the average for the country. In…

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Identity theft protection now available to Allstate customers in California

Allstate Insurance Company has unveiled its latest offering to residents of California, which consists of identity theft expenses coverage, that will help to minimize the cost and the time needed by victims who need to salvage their identities. Every year, approximately 9 million people in the United States fall victim to identity theft, resulting in millions of dollars and hours spent for the recovery of the stolen identities. According to Assistant Field Vice President Phil Telgenhoff from Allstate, the victims of some of the more challenging cases of identity theft…

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Allstate Insurance growth outlook

Allstate is looking to improve its home and auto insurance units by 2013. Executives at the massive insurance company spoke with investors the other day regarding the matter, saying that focusing on these units will help them recover from losses earlier this year.  Allstate’s auto insurance unit has been hemorrhaging clients for three consecutive years, a trend that executives expect to continue throughout 2011, only to see modest growth again in 2013. The renewed focus on these units comes after Allstate’s CEO, Tom Wilson, reported “inadequate returns.” As far as…

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