Insurance jobs on their way up in Oklahoma

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Allstate will hire 20 new owners of agencies within the state. Allstate has announced that it will be boosting the number of insurance jobs in Oklahoma by appointing 20 new owners of its agencies at some point within the last half of the year. This will help to create an even larger number of positions within that state. It is predicted that there will be a total of at least 40 brand new insurance jobs that will open up across Oklahoma as a result of the new agencies. This is…

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Allstate boosts efforts for recruiting in California

Allstate Insurance Company has announced its intention to grow its agency owning workforce for the fourth consecutive year in California in 2012. This is a part of an ongoing aggressive campaign to recruit new agency owners, which resulted in 17 new recruits in 2009, 44 in 2010, and 58 in 2011, in that state alone. According to the California strategic deployment leader at Allstate, William Vasquez, “Allstate is committed to growing in California and to serving more Californians.” He went on to say that professional entrepreneurs with the sales and…

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