Alaska lawmakers pass autism health insurance bill for children

Health Autism Insurance

Health insurance news update for Alaska The Alaska Legislature has passed a new bill that aims to expand the health insurance coverage for children to include treatment for autism. The bill, SB 74, was passed in the House on Sunday with a vote of 36-6. The legislation is designed to provide children who suffer from autism insurance coverage for treatments regarding their specific case. These treatments can include a wide range of speech and physical therapies. Alaska is not the first state to begin adopting such a law – 34…

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Prudhoe Bay oil spill civil fines hit BP’s stock

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reveals that BP has been charged 25 million dollars in civil fines for the oil spill that occurred in Alaska’s main oil producing region of Prudhoe Bay in 2006. All total, BP will pay 85million dollars in penalties and civil fines. In 2006 a BP oil pipe leaked over five thousand barrels worth of crude oil on Alaska’s North Slope. Investigations show the leak was the result of a hole that had corroded in the pipeline. Five months later another leak occurred in the same…

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