Entirety of Alabama to be covered by health insurance exchange

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Whole of Alabama could be covered by health insurance plans The entirety of Alabama is expected to be covered by the state’s health insurance exchange when it becomes operational at the beginning of 2014. The state’s exchange system is to be managed by the federal government, but state officials have been fielding proposals from health insurance companies concerning the policies that will be available through the exchange. Several of these insurers have come forward with expansive health insurance plans, with a few even offering to provide coverage to the entirety…

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Health insurance coverage available in every Alabama county

Alabama Health Insurance

The state has announced that it will have plans available through its exchange for all of its regions. Alabama has announced that no counties will be left out of its health insurance exchange, which will be federally operated, because there have been proposed plans put forward by three different companies, two of which are willing to provide coverage to the entire state. This has left Alabama in a better situation than some of the other states located nearby. Both United Healthcare and the largest health insurance provider in the state,…

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