AIG CEO says that cyber insurance has a “very small” capacity

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Peter D. Hancock recently spoke, saying that this coverage is lagging behind what other forms of protection offer. The chief executive officer of American International Group, Peter D. Hancock, has stated that when it comes to cyber insurance, the coverage has fallen behind the type of protection that is available through other types of policy. Hancock expressed his opinions about this coverage against cyberattacks while speaking at a recent event. While talking at New York University, Hancock expressed that “The largest coverage I’m aware of is for a bank that…

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Cyber insurance protection availability is growing

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A rising number of insurers, now including AIG, are offering this coverage as businesses boost their demand. At a time in which the headlines involving businesses that have undergone data breaches and other digital attacks are becoming a regular occurrence, American International Group (AIG) has now announced that it will be joining the growing number of insurers that are offering cyber insurance protection. This policy from AIG will be providing coverage to businesses against illegal hacking. The cyber insurance policy will not, in this case, provide any protection against physical…

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