Insurance brokers vs. exclusive agents

Insurance brokers and agents

Which makes the best job and are you right for this type of career? If you’ve been looking at the demand for insurance jobs and are wondering if a careers as insurance brokers or exclusive agents are as appealing as they sound, then it may be a good idea for you to have a closer look at each of these positions to see what they entail and whether or not they are a good match for your skills and expectations. The first thing that you should do is understand what…

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The National Association of Insurance Commissioners withdraws its support of an insurance bill on its way to Congress

Insurance brokers have been rallying behind a controversial bill before Congress. The bill was first introduced last month by Senator Mike Rogers of Michigan. The legislation seeks to remove the sales agent fees from insurers’ administrative costs. Supporters of the bill assert that it will help protect the jobs of agents. Furthermore, by reducing costs, insurers will be able to transfer the savings down to consumers. For insurers, the bill holds such promise that they were hoping that federal insurance regulators would endorse it. Regulators, however, have a much different…

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