Independent hairdressers are learning the importance of hair stylists insurance

Hair stylists insurance - haircut - salon

This type of policy is more affordable and provides more coverage than many professionals realize. Salon owners may realize that they need hair stylists insurance among their business policies, but independent hairdressers frequently don’t realize the importance of this coverage. What is independent hairdressers’ insurance? Hair stylists insurance provides you with vital professional and general liability coverage. This is important regardless of whether you are giving someone a quick trim or are creating a drastic new look. Many stylists don’t realize that this type of niche policy for an independent…

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Citizens Property Insurance of Florida heading toward privatization

Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance may be heading toward privatization. The state-run program is considered the last resort for affordable insurance coverage in the state, offering policies that other insurers shy away from at lower rates. Jim Malone, CEO of the state sponsored company, has been considering the idea for some time and has recently proposed the idea to legislators. If the program is to become privatized, the effort would take well over a year, during which time the company will no longer be able to take on additional clients. Malone…

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Federal appeals court upholds law requiring all to obtain health insurance

Judges of a federal appeals court have been toiling over the legality of one of the key provisions of the Affordable Care Act. It is a provision that has been steeped in controversy since being introduced in early 2010. That is the provision that requires all U.S. citizens to have some form of health insurance. While the entirety of the federal health care law has been accused of being unconstitutional, it is this provision that has received much of this attention. Opponents of the provision have argued against it to…

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