Pet insurance policies are increasingly commonplace as employee benefits

pet insurance policies company

Employers are seeking to draw younger talent by offering them unique additional forms of coverage. Companies that are looking for the best talent find themselves facing a great deal of competition and pet insurance policies are often used to help them to shine above rivals. Today’s younger workers don’t necessarily want the same benefits as those ten years or a generation older. Health insurance isn’t covering as much but plans with more coverage are very expensive for businesses. Over the next month, many companies are adding other types of benefits…

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Cancer insurance is helping to plug some coverage holes

Cancer insurance health plan

This type of voluntary benefits is among a growing number of gap coverage being purchased by Americans. Employers and individuals, alike, are starting to look into a type of coverage product known as volunteer benefits – such as cancer insurance – which can help to fill the gaps present in some of the most popular health plans. These are rising in popularity as people start to see that a number of critical illnesses can still run up huge expenses. While cancer insurance is far from the only product in the…

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A New Year and a Happy Financial Plan!

Life Insurance Contracts

January is a peak time for most Americans to take time to reflect on their previous year and what they were able to accomplish. Sometimes it’s a good review, and sometimes it isn’t so pleasant. Care to share what things jump off the page from your 2013?  If you’re like most others, the New Year also brings out the willpower for a New You! Goals are set and new habits are formed, from diets and personal life changes to maybe a career change in your professional life. In either case,…

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Insurance fraud news made when two men in Spain cut off their hands to collect

Insurance Fraud cut off hand

The scammers were nearly successful except that they did the damage too neatly and cleanly. Two men in Spain who were hoping to collect up to $3.1 million in insurance fraud, cut off their own hands in order to be able to make an dismemberment claim, but were caught because their amputations were performed too well. The men acted in two completely separate and unrelated incidents but each had a similar plan. Unfortunately, this type of instance of insurance fraud is growing in the country, as Spain continues to be…

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Insurance news from the NHLPA shows strict efforts to restore coverage

NHLPA insurance news

The policies may have been cancelled, but the Players’ Association is working to bring it back. This week, the NHL Players’ Association made insurance news by informing its members that it would be paying for the restoration costs of all of the coverage that the league has cut off from the players and their families following the week before last. Players’ Association members, including Sidney Crosby, were cut off by the league on Monday. A memo from the NHLPA explained that “NHL has instructed the insurers to cancel all insurance…

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Accident insurance offered for free to disabled people in Beijing

Disabled Group Accident Insurance

Over four hundred thousand to benefit from this new group coverage. The Beijing Disabled Persons Federation has announced that the 410,000 people in the capital city of China who have a disability will be receiving free group accident insurance to help them to improve their quality of life. This program is a part of a greater improvement effort to the social security network in China. By offering accident insurance to the disabled individuals in the city, it is hoped that they will be better able to integrate with the rest…

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Travel Guard North America unveils new travel insurance product for outdoor adventures

travel insurance

New Travel insurance product covers sports enthusiasts who love everything from rock climbing to camping. A leading travel insurance policy provider, Travel Guard North America, has announced its latest offering in the form of a “Great Outdoors” plan, which is designed to better meet the needs of individuals who are active and enjoy exciting outdoor activities. This new form of protection provides travelers with a streamlined, comprehensive product that covers the individuals, and their equipment and gear, while they’re away on their adventures. It has solutions for everyone from campers…

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The increasing cost of care for cancer patients

The National Cancer Act’s “war on cancer” went into effect forty years ago, and throughout that time, the battle has yet to be won for finding a cure. Though better treatments are becoming available, there is another problem growing for cancer patients, and that is that these treatments are not becoming any more affordable. The newest drugs can easily cost $100,000 or more for a year’s worth of treatment. Patients are being prescribed these drugs earlier on in their illness, and they are required to use them for longer periods…

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Reasons you might benefit from supplemental health insurance

It’s easy to believe that the coverage you receive through the health insurance benefits from your employer means that you have all the protection you need in case of injury or illness. However, all too many people who feel this way find themselves caught in a financial catastrophe if that illness or injury does occur. Before you start feeling too comfortable, it is recommended that you take a very good look at your policy and make sure that you fully understand what it covers. There are a number of reasons…

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Trash and mini-meds insurance plans continue to exist until healthcare reform becomes effective

According to the latest edition of Consumer Reports, to be released for March, so called “junk health plans”, also known as mini-meds insurance, continue to exist and will remain so until the full degree of the healthcare reform goes into effect. The March issue said that these plans are “legal but inadequate” and said that these and other forms of misleading product, such as medical discount cards and fixed benefit indemnity plans, are still widely in existence. The reason that these plans continue to be in operation is that wavers…

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