Survey shows workers often misinformed about costs of employer health insurance

Small Group Health InsuranceA national survey conducted for eHealthInsurance between the months of September and October 2011, by Kelton Research, has shown that only 47 percent of participants who had employer-sponsored coverage are capable of stating with confidence the amount of their health insurance premiums that is covered by their salary and how much is paid by the employer.

The survey also showed that 35 percent of the respondents who had employer-sponsored coverage were able to state how much the annual deductible for their plan was, and only 33 percent of the participants were able to say how much they had to pay for their dependents’ premiums.

The participants also showed that they had very little knowledge about the expenses that were paid by their employers. Eighteen percent were able to confidently say that they knew exactly how much their employers paid for their health insurance premiums every month. Furthermore, only 13 percent knew how much their employer contributed toward the premiums of their dependents.

The survey also illustrated that though the vast majority – 83 percent – of the participants with employer-sponsored coverage felt that they would be better capable of choosing an appropriate health insurance plan for themselves than their employer, 53 percent still said that when it comes time for open enrollment, they will still likely maintain their current health insurance plan.

Among all of the participants, only 36 percent said that they review their health insurance costs on an annual basis. Only 46 percent of those whose health insurance was employer-sponsored annually reviewed their health insurance costs.

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