State Farm uses mobile and social marketing for sweepstakes promotion

Mobile Commerce Insurance MarketingBy way of mobile and social marketing techniques, State Farm has announced to both current and potential customers that they may take part in a sweepstakes campaign that gives them the chance to attend a party aboard the Intrepid aircraft carrier museum.

The insurer is using Pandora’s iPhone app to run targeted ads for the sweepstakes. Through this campaign, people can have a chance to win by tweeting State Farm.

According to the State Farm digital media manager, Matt Johnson, one of the most rapidly growing areas of the insurer’s media is mobile because of the significant increase in consumer adoption in addition to the ever-growing number of opportunities for advertising. He explained that this mobile promotion is only one portion of a larger Pandora execution.

He went on to say that Pandora is always making an effort to connect with people “around their own passion points,” and that as one of those passion points is music, they “are sponsoring an exciting concert on The Intrepid in New York City”.

The mobile ad from State Farm is expandable and allows its users to enter into the sweepstakes to attend the concert and join the party on the Intrepid by tweeting @StateFarmNation. Somewhere in their response, they must include #statefarmintrepid. The tweet enters them into the running to win the top prize.

In order to use the campaign’s banner ad, the users simply need to click in order to be sent to the mobile page for Twitter, where they can sign in and post their tweet.

The industry is seeing more and more companies as well as agents that are using mobile commerce to enhance promotions.

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