State Farm and Ford work together to offer auto insurance discounts through usage based policies

Usage based auto insurance

Usage based auto insurance

The SYNC in-car connectivity system could save drivers up to 40 percent per year.

Drivers with vehicles equipped with Ford SYNC may be able to save up to 40 percent through the State Farm Drive Save & Save auto insurance discounts program, depending on how far they drive every year.

The savings is based on the vehicle’s odometer reading every year.

The reading is reported onto the Vehicle Health Report when it is used by the driver. This is one of the SYNC standard features that is available on Fort Motor Company vehicles from 2009 models and after.

This second largest automaker in the country has partnered with the leading auto insurer in the nation in order to make sure that drivers have the best auto insurance discounts available for the premiums that they pay. By using the technology available through Ford SYNC, State Farm Insurance has been able to significantly broaden its Drive Save & Save program in a much more user based way.

It gives policyholders with State Farm the opportunity to decrease the premiums they pay when they have certain Ford vehicles equipped with SYNC through the use of the Vehicle Health Report feature that will provide a mileage report about how far the car, SUV, van, or truck has traveled.

The size of the reduction is based directly on the number of miles that are driven, twice every year. There is an automatic savings of 5 percent granted to everyone who chooses to enroll in this program. Beyond that amount, the additional savings will be determined every six months on the renewal date when the number miles driven during that time is reported.

Drivers who travel the average number of monthly miles (1,000) will generally see a savings of around 10 percent. However, the actual total mileage driven could change this significantly. Those with very low mileage could save up to 40 percent when all is said and done.

According to the senior vice president of State Farm, Mike Wey, who spoke about the auto insurance discounts, “We’re excited to have Ford as a partner in this effort.” He also added that “State Farm is always looking for better ways to serve our customers.”


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