Insurance companies like State Farm say now is the time for spring maintenance

Spring maintenance - Taking care of home

As the weather warms, and winter is left behind, homeowner have a few chores to complete.

As tempting as it is to get outside and enjoy warmer spring weather, insurance companies are reminding homeowners that it’s best not to wait to complete spring maintenance tasks.

State Farm has issued a reminder to customers including five tasks that are best to complete.

In the spirit of reminding customers about spring maintenance and the importance of making sure the home is ready for the warmer months and everything that they come with, State Farm has issued a list of some of the most important tasks to complete and tips on how to do it right (and easiest).

Spring maintenance - Cleaning out gutters

Insurance companies across the country are hoping that homeowners will resist the urge to skip these cleaning and repair duties. The reason is that they can be integral to preparing a home for a season of spring and summer rain, wind and storms following a winter of freezing temperatures, snow and ice that can damage your home.

Certain home spring maintenance tasks are considered integral to avoiding insurance claims.

Insurance companies are reminding their customers that there are certain spring maintenance tasks that should be checked off a to-do list sooner rather than later, and they are typically more important to protecting a home against damage than others. Among them are the following.

  • Clean out the gutters – Rooftops and gutters (eves troughs) are not meant to hold debris – or even water – for anything but a short period of time. Allowing this to build up can stop water from flowing freely in rainstorms. This stops them from performing their top function, sending water away from the home. Instead, it can lead to water damage and even insect infestations, because many bugs adore standing water.
  • Check your attic – Springtime is the perfect time to poke your head up into the attic and have a good look (and sniff) around. Check your insulation and look for signs of water, mold, bugs or rodents. Any of these can cause damage that can worsen fast. Better to deal with it sooner than later.
  • Tune up your HVAC – The time to do a spring maintenance tune-up on your HVAC system is before the temperature climbs. Have a professional do it now, to be sure your AC will be running well and efficiently, instead of waiting until temperatures, costs and wait times climb. Don’t forget to change that filter!
  • Clean out the garage – Spring is a great time to go through the garage and get rid of what doesn’t need to be there. Organize what you need to keep and store it safely. Check for signs of moisture, rodents, insects, fire hazards or other problems and deal with them promptly.

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