Skydiving insurance is now available to adventure seekers

Skydiving insurance

Skydiving insurance

Travelers looking to add an extra thrill to their vacations won’t need to forgo coverage.

HCC Medical Insurance Services, LLC (HCCMIS), has just unveiled its newest type of coverage, in the form of skydiving insurance, which it is making available through its Atlas Travel Health policies.

This is welcome news to travelers who enjoy extreme sports while they’re away from home.

HCCMIS has also launched a full online campaign to draw attention to some of the other activities that adrenaline seekers enjoy and that are covered by the policy. The central focus of the campaign is the skydiving insurance, which is meant to appeal to those travelers that intend to reach for the skies no matter where they are around the world.

The campaign includes a significantly expanded segment of the website which provides interesting content about many sorts of different types of extreme sports that are covered. It places the spotlights on activities that were often missed by travelers who did not want to risk an injury while in a country where their standard health insurance did not apply, or which would not be covered under a typical travel insurance policy.

The new skydiving insurance webpage provides information about that and many adventure sports.

It also includes details about everything from zip trekking to wingsuit flying. The content is designed to be informative and interesting both about the sports themselves as well as the requirement for international travel health coverage.

According to the HCCMIS chief executive officer, Mark Carney, even if you haven’t specifically planned to take part in extreme sports while on vacation, it is still important to purchase the right amount of coverage. He explained that “Even if you are not planning to do any skydiving on your next trip, you should prepare for any situation with a comprehensive travel health insurance plan that covers you for any exciting activities you may engage in while abroad.”

The HCCMIS policies are unique in that they include coverage for extreme sports, such as skydiving insurance, automatically within the cost of its standard travel policies. It is hoping to support that feature and to make its availability better known through the growing amount of content available on its website, for travelers who might be interested in taking a more adventurous angle on their vacations.

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