Severe storm could lead to insurance fraud in Florida

Homeowners insurance fraud storm prevention and claims

Storm-struck Jacksonville could see a spike in insurance fraud in the coming weeks

A severe storm struck the Jacksonville, Florida, area earlier this week, causing significant damage to many properties. The majority of this damage was caused to roofs, which may present a major problem for those that fell victim to the storm. The Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters has issued a warning to those affected by the storm, cautioning them against fake insurance adjusters. In the wake of major storms, fraudulent adjusters often seek to take advantage of those that have had their properties damaged.

Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters is warning against fraudulent insurance representatives

The organization notes that some fraudulent roofers attempt to convince consumers that they can also act as insurance adjusters. This is rarely the case, however, and these people typically only seek to take advantage of victims of natural disasters. The Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters is currently sending cease and desist order to several contractors presenting themselves as insurance adjusters, demanding that they stop this practice.

Fraudulent adjusters could have a negative impact on the claims process

Homeowners insurance fraud storm prevention and claimsFraudulent insurance adjusters can be very problematic for the claims process. Because these people do not actually represent an insurance company, any work they do can delay the claim payments that homeowners and businesses are due to receive from their insurance provider. In some cases, fraudulent insurance adjusters can also lead to a claim being completely rejected by an insurance company. Roofers claiming to also be adjusters could potentially cause more damage to a property as well, which may not be covered by an insurance policy.

Insurance fraud becomes quite common in the wake of a natural disaster

Fraud often spikes in the wake of a natural disasters and consumers and businesses are being warned to exercise caution. Taking time to verify whether or not someone is actually an insurance adjuster may mean the different between a claim being processed quickly and the process being delayed by several months. Some research may be needed to find a reputable contractor, but this could help consumers and businesses avoid the problems associated with fraud.

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