Senator issues lawsuit concerning health insurance requirements

health insurance lawsuit

Lawsuit targets Affordable Care Act

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson has filed a lawsuit against the Obama Administration concerning the way the Affordable Care Act is being applied to Congress. The lawsuit is part of a larger political initiative that aims to shed light on the problems surrounding the health care law. Senator Johnson is challenging the provision that stipulates that government officials must purchase health insurance coverage through exchanges rather than from the private market.

Exchanges remain a problematic subject

health insurance lawsuitHealth insurance exchanges have become relatively popular but somewhat notorious throughout the U.S. Over the past few years, these exchanges have garnered support for their aim to provide consumers with affordable access to insurance coverage. Exchanges began open enrollment nationwide on October 1, 2013, but were plagued by serious technical problems that prevented many people from applying for coverage. Some politicians believe that exchanges are actually a significant problem for the country and its health care system.

Government officials may be getting special treatment

The Senator suggests that parts of the Affordable Care Act are designed to give government officials special treatment over regular consumers. If Johnson’s lawsuit is successful, changes to the federal law may be made, but there is no telling what these changes would be exactly. The lawsuit is just one issue that is facing the Affordable Care Act, however, as the House of Representatives prepares to vote on a new initiative.

New initiative seeks to make more secure

The initiative targets, the federal health insurance exchange gateway, and aims to make the website more secure and transparent. Many of the problems exchanges experienced during their earliest periods of open enrollment stem from While some of these problems have been resolved, little information concerning what these problems actually were and how they were fixed has been released. Like other websites, is also vulnerable to cyber attacks and lawmakers are working to make sure that the online gateway is secure from such attacks.

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