Second Mile’s insurance wants out of Sandusky’s six figure defense payments

Legal CostsFederal Insurance Co., the insurer for Second Mile that has been paying for the legal defense bills accumulated by Jerry Sandusky – the former assistant football coach for Penn State – is seeking to be excused from having to pay the expenses relating to his child sexual abuse charges, that are expected to reach up to six figures.

In fact, Sandusky is currently facing a charge of 50 counts of criminal conduct within alleged sexual abuse of minors cases. The charges include various counts ranging from child endangerment, to sexual abuse itself. The prosecutors in the case are stating that over 15 years with Second Mile, the defendant molested 10 different boys through the program.

Federal Insurance has filed a lawsuit saying that states that despite the fact that the policy does cover legal fees, it shouldn’t have to pay for the expenses for Sandusky’s defense because the legal fees “arising from sexual assault, molestation [or abuse is] repugnant to Pennsylvania public policy.” Therefore, they believe that the requirement and the practice of it should be stopped.

The Warren, New Jersey-based insurance company also claims that any illegal acts that were performed by the former assistant football coach were not performed “in his capacity” as a Second Mile official. Second Mile is the charitable organization that was founded and run by Sandusky in 1977 to assist troubled children and adolescents.

Joe Amendola, the lawyer representing Sandusky, has stated that he did not find it to be a surprise that the insurer would try to find its way out of having to pay for their policyholder’s representation.

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