School uses web-cast technology to help students enter the insurance industry

cyber insurance industry

Web-cast technology will be used to help students learn about the insurance industry and prepare them for licensing exams

The Cyber Insurance School, an organization that offers educational resources concerning the insurance sector, has begun using web-cast technology to offer real-time resources to students and insurance professionals. Using this technology could be a boon for those interested in various types of insurance coverage. Using these resources, individuals could become more prepared for taking licensing exams, which will allow them to serve as insurance industry representatives.

Cyber Insurance School continues to be a valuable resource for those that want to enter into the insurance industry

The Cyber Insurance School is an accredited education organization that provides pre-licensing curriculum that can help people pass a state’s insurance licensing exam. Passing a state’s licensing exam allows one to become an insurance broker or agent. According to the Cyber Insurance School, more than 90% of its graduates in 2014 were able to pass their licensing exams on their first attempt. This makes the resources provided by the school quite valuable to those wanting to break into the insurance industry.

Web-cast technology makes the school’s curriculum available throughout the country

cyber insurance industryThe use of web-cast technology means that the curriculum offered by the Cyber Insurance School is now available nationwide in real-time. The school is offering various affiliate programs in order to expand the reach of its curriculum, as well. In California, students can visit affiliate locations in order to take advantage of the web-cast lessons provided by the Cyber Insurance School.

School offers a program to streamline the licensing process

The school also offers LiveScan Finger Printing, which is required for anyone interested in becoming a licensed insurance professional. This particular program allows students to submit their fingerprints in advance of taking a licensing exam. This information is sent to the U.S. Department of Justice or the Federal Bureau of Investigation along with other personal details for review. The school believes that this streamlines the licensing process, making it more convenient for students and making the process itself somewhat more efficient.

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