School superintendant charged with health insurance fraud in heartbreaking case

health insurance fraud - hand cuffs

The Indiana educator attempted to seek medical treatment for a student by pretending he was her son.

An Indiana school superintendant is now facing several health insurance fraud charges. According to police, the Casey Smitherman attempted to use her health plan to pay for a student’s medical treatment by using her son’s name.

“My only concern was for this child’s health,” said Smitherman after charges were laid.

Smitherman admitted to understanding that she was committing health insurance fraud. “I know this action was wrong,” she said, proceeding to say that in that moment, her main focus was on the health of her student. Among the charges Smitherman now faces are insurance fraud, official misconduct, insurance application fraud, and identity deception.

A 15 year old student at Elwood, a school for which Smitherman is superintendant, did not show up on January 9 becuase he had a sore throat. Out of concern for him, the superintendant brought him to the Elwood med check so a doctor could examine him. The student did not have insurance and had already been denied assistance by a different clinic. Smitherman allegedly signed in at the clinic using her son’s name instead of the student’s real name, so her health insurance would cover the costs. A prescription was issued to the student, still under the son’s name, and Smitherman filled it at CVS using her drug plan.

Police received a tip about this case of health insurance fraud on January 16 and followed up.

Smitherman turned herself in to police. Court records show that she had helped the student on several other occasions. For instance, she had helped to clean his house and had purchased clothing for him.

According to court documents, the student had torn the name off the prescription bottle’s label because he “knew it was wrong” and that “to have a prescription in his possession with a different name is bad,” reported WGNTV.

The superintendant has reached an agreement with the county prosecutor through a diversion program with regards to this case. Provided Smitherman is not arrested again within the next year, health insurance fraud - hand cuffsthe health insurance fraud charges will be dropped. The county prosecutor referred to this case as a mistake with good intentions. The school board has also been understanding in this case and has allowed Smitherman to keep her job.

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