Rock Climbing insurance policies keeps adventurous travelers covered

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

HCC Medical has unveiled a new webpage for thrill seeking international climbers.

A new webpage has now been released by HCC Medical Insurance Services, LLC (HCCMIS), which is aimed at globetrotting travelers who are seeking thrills outside of their home countries but who need to cover themselves against rock climbing injuries no matter where they are.

Extreme sports coverage can provide these international adventurers with the protection they need.

These policies are being sold through the Atlas Travel Health Insurance plans, and are meant for people who love to get off the beaten trail and away from the regular tourist traps to achieve the greatest thrills and a rush of excitement when they’re away from home. The HCCMIS website welcomes those individuals to learn more about rock climbing as a sport, and how to make it a realistic part of their next trip out of the country.

The currently released webpage is only a start, and will be releasing more content over time.

This growing amount of information will provide travelers with additional extreme sports that are also covered by the plans being offered by Atlas Travel. Sports Travel Insurance is a relatively new addition to the marketplace, as more exotic and adventurous activities such as swimming with sharks, manatees, and other wild ocean creatures, skydiving, bungee jumping, cliff diving, zip lining, and other higher risk additions become more common on the itinerary.

For some, this coverage is needed as they continually add more thrilling experiences to their lives, and for others, it is simply a matter of experiencing a certain exciting sport one time in their lives so that it can be crossed off a bucket list.

HCCMIS CEO, Mark Carney, explained that “We want to reach out to the biggest thrill seekers out there and let them know that there is more to rock climbing safety than carabiners and rope.” He added that “With a travel health insurance policy that covers rock climbing, you can climb easy knowing that you are insured against potential hospital bills in the event of a climbing accident.” These new policies provide an affordable way to cover standard health and travel insurance gaps.


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