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However, the same study is showing that they continue to carry debt

A recent study has shown that while the health care reform will provide an estimated 6.6 million young adults with the ability to continue their coverage on their parents’ health insurance policies, there continues to be a struggle with medical fees and debt among this age group.

The changes to the healthcare laws in 2012 by President Barack Obama have made it possible for young adults (the demographic that had previously been the most uninsured age group in the country) to remain on the private policies of their parents right through their 26th year.

This provision of the Affordable Care Act is believed to be its most popular.

The reforms were the most widespread changes to the healthcare legislation in almost half a century, and is the center of Obama’s policy achievements in the United States. On the other hand, Americans are quite divided about the way that they feel about the constitutionality of other elements.

The nonprofit organization called the Commonwealth Fund, performed a healthcare issue analysis by conducting a survey that included the participation of 1,863 adults aged 19 to 25 years old. Among them 47 percent had either remained on their parents’ health insurance plan, or they joined it within the year that followed November 2010.

Within the broader population, this statistic would represent approximately 13.7 million young adults.

Among those, it is estimated that approximately 6.6 million would not otherwise have been able to remain protected by their parents’ coverage if the reforms to the healthcare system had not been made, as they were either not considered a full time students, or they had already graduated.

Prior to the reforms, the majority of plans already allowed college students who were enrolled full-time to stay covered by their parents’ plans.

Now, a U.S. government survey determined that around 21.6 million young adults have some form of private health insurance, whether it was through the plans held by their parents, their own employers, or by other means. This statistic is already higher by 2.5 million young people than it was before the healthcare reforms had been passed.


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