Protect your firearms with insurance

Gun InsuranceInsuring your gun is just as important as insuring your other valuables.  Your homeowner’s policy will cover some of the loss if your weapon is stolen or damaged, but there are other options available also.

A standard homeowner’s policy usually has a limit of $2,500 for the theft of a gun.  Keep in mind that is the max you will receive, even if more than one gun has been stolen.  If the guns were damaged by a fire rather than being stolen, then you should be allowed to a full recovery.

Insurers also provide additional coverage for your guns called an endorsement for “Sports Equipment.”  If you feel that $2,500 would not be enough to cover the loss of your arms, then talk to your insurer about what coverage they offer.

If you are a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), they provide up to $1,000 in coverage.  They also provide discounts for additional coverage.  Ask the NRA about other insurance companies they can refer you to.

If you purchase additional gun insurance from the NRA, that will become your primary policy for your firearms.  This policy would be the first one to address the loss.  If there is a non-covered item or a deductible, then your homeowner’s policy would consider payment.

Antique weapons will only be covered up to $2,500 thru your homeowner’s policy.  If you think that $2,500 will not be enough to replace it then you should contact the NRA or your homeowner’s insurer for additional coverage.

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