Progressive offers Thanksgiving turkey insurance protection plan at Whole Foods

Thanksgiving Turkey Insurance - Turkey in oven

The grocery chain and insurer have teamed up to help customers protect their holiday meal this year.

The Whole Foods grocery chain is working with Progressive to offer customers a Thanksgiving turkey insurance plan.

The idea behind this coverage is to help protect against having the central part of the meal go wrong.

The two companies are working together in this unique and somewhat odd combination. This Thanksgiving turkey insurance will be available exclusively for the one dish for this single celebration. Therefore, even if a family member brings a dreaded gross casserole again this year, it’s not a part of the plan. However, if that most expensive ingredient ends up burnt or underdone by mealtime, the coverage kicks in.

This is the first year during which Progressive and Whole Foods have come together for this protection plan. According to the grocery chain’s website, it is meant to provide financial protection in case of an “overcooked, undercooked, burnt [or] dry” turkey.

The Thanksgiving turkey insurance plan is already available and can be purchased until November 22.

The plan can be purchased at Whole Foods Market as of last Wednesday and will continue to be available until the Sunday before the big day.

To be able to redeem the insurance coverage “just in case you commit a turkey cooking fail,” certain basic steps will need to be taken. Home cooks will need to submit a picture of their failed bird to Whole Foods Market with a copy of the receipt and an explanation of what went wrong. These will need to be sent to the claims adjustor at the grocery store.

Should Whole Foods approve the claim, the store will provide the customer with a $35 gift card to the grocery chain.

“As we anticipate more smaller Thanksgiving gatherings and first-time cooks tackling turkey preparation this year, the Thanksgiving Turkey Protection Plan allows customers the freedom of culinary exploration, knowing all is not lost should their cooking go astray,” said Whole Foods Market vice president of meat and Thanksgiving Turkey Insurance - Turkey in ovenpoultry Theo Weening when describing the anticipated need for the Thanksgiving turkey insurance this year.

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