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The nationwide insurer has launched a new marketing campaign in which the beloved mascot was notably absent.

Progressive Insurance recently launched a whole new marketing campaign from which Flo, the company’s fictional salesperson/mascot, was left out. That character has been included in nearly every campaign since 2008.

This has left some people to wonder whether or not the insurance company is testing the waters without her.

The new Progressive Insurance campaign has adopted a new style and angle. It was humorously designed to reflect a trend exceptionally familiar to millions of Americans: turning to parents for assistance and support. While Flo has been included in a number of different marketing themes and angles over the last while – including a very well received motorcycle insurance campaign – she has not been included in these particular ads.

While some may wonder about Flo’s future, Progressive Insurance insists we’ll see her again soon.

“Some stories are better told in a different way,” said Progressive business leader of marketing strategy and innovation, Cat Kolodij. “This idea was compelling on its own, so we chose to not use Flo. However, we’ll continue to use Flo moving forward.”

The campaign has been titled “Young Homeowners.” It is based on a number of ads directed by Roman Coppola. Their goal is to offer young homeowners reassurance from their insurance company. They’ve done this by taking a humor-based perspective of how it feels when we “become our parents” in what the homeowners insurance company has called “Parentamorphosis.”

Progressive Insurance adAmong the ads is one in which a young man becomes his mother and in which a young woman becomes her father through this Parentamorphosis process.

“We realize there are times in life when life changes significantly,” said Kolodij to the media. “Some changes you can anticipate and some you can’t anticipate. We want to help people see we are here to help during all life changes.” This includes both young homeowners – the direct targets of the campaign – and older property insurance policyholders – indirect targets who are to be engaged by thinking back to the time when they purchased a home for the first time.

So it appears as though Progressive Insurance hasn’t given up on Flo quite yet and fans of the character may be able to rest easy for the moment.

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