Pro Football Hall of Fame is celebrated by Allstate Insurance

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All-Time Team in celebration of the Pro Football Hall of Fame 50th anniversary

The insurer is giving fans the chance to vote on the All-Time Team for the landmark’s 50th anniversary.

Allstate Insurance Company has announced that it will be collecting the votes of fans in order to create the All-Time Team in celebration of the Pro Football Hall of Fame 50th anniversary, which will be occurring early next year.

Fans will be able to cast their votes from now through October 19, 2012.

In order to take part, fans need to visit the Allstate insurance website at, where they can vote for the 23 players to fill the 11 positions, as well as one coach, to create the single best team that has ever been.

The most voted for players and coach will form the Allstate Pro Football Hall of Fame All-Time Team.

The results will be announced on the NFL network in a televised broadcast on February 2 of next year. According to the senior vice president of marketing at Allstate Insurance, “With the All-Time Team vote, Allstate lets fans participate in the legacy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame during this 50th anniversary year.” She went on to say that “Fans can go online to vote for who they want on this All-Time team and celebrate Hall of Fame greats with us.”

The website is designed to provide these fans with not only the opportunity to vote for the coach and players that they would like to see on the team, but they can also take part in debates for and against players. They can use the site to view weekly content that will provide them with more information about the sport and its history and legends.

Football fans visiting the website will also have the opportunity to enter into a contest in which the grand prize is a Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Weekend package. The winner of this prize would receive two passes to the festivities for the 2013 Enshrinement Weekend, and will take part in a meet-and-greet with Howie Long, the pro football legend. Additional weekly prizes will also be available.

The ballot for the Allstate Pro Football Hall of Fame All-Time Team is based on a 4-3 defense with a traditional two-back offensive formation.

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