Pokemon Go accidents are becoming commonplace on American roads

pokemon go accidents driving

The record breaking popularity of this mobile app is now linked to a growing number of car crashes.

As if Pokemon Go accidents involving people walking out into traffic or off piers and into waterways weren’t enough, they now include crashed cars. Many people aren’t surprised at this new trend of traffic mayhem resulting from distracted drivers trying to catch digital monsters. Still, it is forcing police, other law enforcement and emergency medical personnel to have to scramble to assist the victims.

The augmented reality phenomenon is now being used by drivers while they’re behind the wheel.

The game currently encourages players to walk around their neighborhoods, homes, workplaces, friends’ homes and public landmarks to collect Pokemon. It is based on the hugely popular card game and the handheld Nintendo game from the 90s. It lets players seek out the first 151 Pokemon.

However, the addictive and competitive nature of this game has caused Pokemon Go accidents to become quite commonplace. People are stepping off sidewalks and onto active roadways. They’re falling off edges into rivers and lakes; stumbling into holes; walking into trees, posts and other people. Now, they’re taking the game behind the wheel where they are no less distracted but are placing themselves and others at far greater risk of injury and property damage.

Pokemon Go accidents now include car crashes occurring across the United States, among other countries.

pokemon go accidents drivingThe distraction effect of Pokemon Go has been compared to texting and driving. It forces the driver to have to look at the mobile device screen and focus on that.

The following are some of the accidents that have happened in the real-world as a result of this digital game. These are confirmed crashes and don’t include any of the hoax pile-ups that have also been commonly reported:

• In Pennsylvania, a 15-year old girl was struck by a car when she walked onto a busy highway while staring at her smartphone screen. She experienced injuries to her foot and collarbone as well as considerable bruising.
• A New York man was also trying to “catch ‘em all” when the distraction caused him to drive off the road and into a tree. He was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.
• Furthermore, north of the border, two police officers in Canada were hurt when two people backed into the police cruiser. The distracted driver reportedly got out of the car right away and admitted that it was a Pokemon Go accident.

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