The Definitive Guide to Types & Placement Of Home Fire Extinguishers

home fire extinguishers placement and first aid

You probably have a first aid kit at home, including some plasters and basic medical aids.

This is a good idea to help deal with issues before the professionals arrive. It’s likely that you have a smoke alarm or two as well. But, have you considered what else needs to be in your fire safety kit?

Take a look at the impressive array of items offered by fire safety equipment suppliers and you’ll quickly realize that there are a number of useful additions to your home.

Potentially the two most important additions are the escape route plan and home fire extinguishers. The escape plan shows how you could get out of the house safe from any room in the house. As you’ll never know where a fire could start, it is advisable to have two routes available from every room. This will increase the likelihood of everyone getting out safely.

The fire extinguisher is equally as important as it can help you tackle a small blaze or clear a temporary path through a large blaze. But there are several types available.

Types of Extinguisher

In general, these are described as either A, B, or C type extinguishers. Type A extinguishers have water in and are used against traditional combustible materials, such as wood and paper.

Type B is usually a foam that can be used to smother chemical fires, including chip pan fires. In contrast, type C is a powder that works exceptionally well against electrical fires. After all, you don’t want to increase the risk of an electric shock.

The good news is that you can purchase ABC extinguishers. These usually have powder in them that can deal with all the different types of fire. This makes them the best all-rounder and a practical approach to fire extinguishers at home.

Of course, if you wish to choose different fire extinguishers for different locations in your home it is possible. You’ll need to consider what type of fire is most likely to happen in a given section of your home and get the appropriate extinguisher.

Locating Fire Extinguishers

The location of the fire extinguishers in your home will depend on how many you purchase. In theory, the best option is to purchase one extinguisher for every room in your home. This means there will always be one nearby when you need it.

But, this can be an expensive exercise. You may prefer to have two extinguishers on each level, one at each end of the home. This makes the distance to an extinguisher as short as possible, allowing you to decide between trying to extinguish the fire or getting out of the house.

Your decision will probably rest on who else is in the house. After all, if everyone is out safely it’s better for you to get out too. You can’t replace a human life.

Remember, once you’ve got out of a burning house, stay out; and never stop for personal possessions.

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