Philadelphia insurance industry group donates $59k for smoke detectors

philadelphia insurance industry smoke detector

The group has been donating to the city’s Fire Department every year at around this time.

This year, Christmas came early for the city’s Fire Department when a Philadelphia insurance industry group made a sizable donation for the purpose of purchasing smoke detectors that could help to save the lives of thousands of families throughout the city.

The oversized replica check has now been presented by the group in a tradition that occurs annually.

philadelphia insurance industry smoke detectorThe Insurance Society of Philadelphia was the result of an effort that began in June at the group’s awards luncheon. Text messages were sent from attendees to a “pledge wall” and then the opportunity was opened up to the public to help to boost the amount that was donated, so that this year’s $59,000 donation could even exceed the massive amount that the Philadelphia insurance industry society was able to give to the Fire Department last year.

This Philadelphia insurance industry organization had already donated more than $45,000 last year.

According to the fire commissioner of the city, Lloyd Ayers, “We have the Insurance Society of Philadelphia that has raised over $59,000.” He pointed out that this is a very important and unique type of occurrence. He explained that “This is not something that we get every day. Last year they had over $45,000 for us.”

The donation that was made by the group this year will be used over the next three to four months. Throughout that time, the fire department will be providing smoke detectors, including a supply of batteries to keep them effective for ten years, to over 3,900 homes in the city.

The president of this Philadelphia insurance industry group, Russell Shaner has explained that the society is very excited to be able to help in the effort to save lives. This is something that means a great deal to the group and they value the opportunity to make a difference in the city and to lower the risk of the danger of fire to families who live there. They appreciate the chance to make a positive difference in their community, which has been very good to them in return.

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