State Farm releases poison prevention tips to reduce pet insurance claims

Pet insurance - poison prevention tips

The insurer published a number of safety recommendations to assist cat and dog owners.

State Farm and Trupanion recently released a list of advice for pet insurance customers to help them to prevent accidentally poisoning their cats and dogs.

There are many things that animal owners can do to help ensure poisons are kept well out of reach.

The insurers recommend that pet insurance customers begin by looking around their homes and other areas where their furry family members will be spending time. They should try to spot potential dangers such as poisons and toxins, to ensure that they are well out of the animal’s reach.

Among the signs the insurers identified as indicators that a dog or cat might have been poisoned include:

  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Lack of appetite
  • Sluggishness or lethargy
  • Excessive drooling
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Stumbling or staggering
  • Tremors
  •  Seizures

Pet insurance - Dog house plant

To prevent this from happening, pet insurance customers can make some simple changes to their homes.

In order to keep pets safe from toxins – some of which may be perfectly safe to humans but potentially deadly to animals – the insurers recommended the following steps for owners.

  • Keep all cleaning products in a lockable closet or cupboard. This includes all-natural products, as they can still be toxic if ingested by animals or if spilled on their faces.
  • Store all foods that are toxic to dogs and cats in cupboards with doors, not on countertops or on open shelves that a determined dog or cat might find their way to access.
  • Keep all auto products in secure storage locations in a garage
  • Research all houseplants before purchasing them and bringing them home. Any houseplants you have that are toxic to pets should be given away or kept well out of reach. Make sure any dying leaves are collected before they can drop off where an animal can reach them.
  • Avoid heartbreaking pet insurance claims by never leaving the kitchen when you are baking or cooking. Clean up as you work so nothing dangerous or potentially toxic is ever left where a dog or cat can eat it when you’re not looking.

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