Pet insurance company names the winner of its best veterinarian contest

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Pet InsuranceThe top pick for the My Vet’s the Best prize has now been announced and money has been issued for animal care.

One of the leading pet insurance companies in the United States has announced the winner of its My Vet’s the Best contest as being Dr. Irvin Ingram, who is now the best veterinarian of 2012.

The winning veterinarian works in Phoenix and has been issued prize money to help in caring for animals.

Dr. Ingram currently practices at the All Creatures Animal Hospital in Phoenix and has received the Pets Best Insurance top honors after beating more than 20 other finalists from across the nation. The award is designed to allow policyholders to nominate the vets that they feel have gone above and beyond to make sure that their animals stay happy and healthy.

The pet insurance company rewards the winning veterinarian with a charitable donation.

For instance, this year, Dr. Ingram received a check for $1,000 in order to help to support the charitable work that the vet does. This announcement and the granting of the check was made by Dr. Jack Stephens, the CEO and founder of Pets Best Insurance. The presentation was made at the Western Veterinary Conference, which is located in Las Vegas.

Dr. Ingram has been a veterinarian for over thirty years. He not only practices at the veterinary hospital, but he also makes regular trips to the Hopi and Navajo reservations in Arizona in order to provide the animals there with free spaying, neutering, and vaccination services. The pet insurance company also found out that he travels to India, Nicaragua, and other locations around the world to help to vaccinate and treat pets in areas that are stricken with poverty.

The most recent trip taken by Dr. Ingram was to Nicaragua, which was completed earlier in February, and where he worked with other professionals in veterinary medicine in order to help to control the problem with rabies and to help to protect both humans and pets from this dangerous disease. While he was there, he also provided other treatments and services to the animals without pet insurance.

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